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Geo-Cleanse has completed hundreds of field-scale in-situ chemical remediation programs across the United States, and has been active internationally since 1999, conducting the first in-situ chemical remediation application in Europe. All of our in-situ remediation program designs are site-specific, in order to provide an effective and cost efficient approach. The reagents we select from are hydrogen peroxide, permanganate, persulfate, and/or zero valent iron. Feel free to browse through our case studies organized by site below.

Site Name:

Grasselli Chemical Company Site


VOCs (chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and its breakdown products), pesticides and DNAPL.


Bench Study, Pilot- and Full-Scale


Linden, New Jersey

Site Type / Geology:

Meadow Mat (marsh deposits), Sands & Gravel

IMG_0279 Reagent:

Iron- and Manganese-Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide

Site Summary:

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